• $100
  • $110
  • $125
Before June 1st
Before June 24th

Payment in full should accompany a completed application. All checks should be made payable to the Middletown High School Sports Club.

Please send your payment and completed application to:

MHS Soccer Camp
9 Walnut Pond Ct
Middletown, MD 21769

  Please note:
You will be prompted to fill out information on the application for each camper.
Number of Campers:
(If you are registering more than one camper from the same family you will receive a family discount.)

What if I have more than seven campers? If you are enrolling more than seven individual campers from the same family then fill out this form two times dividing your number of campers in half. The family discount is reduced by $10 per camper if two campers are from the same family, and the fee is reduced by $20 per camper if three or more campers are from the same family. The total amount owed will be displayed once you have finished completing the registration form.